Though I love spring and summer and hang on to their last luscious moments as winter sets in, I notice that there is a different kind of beauty in the natural world as plants go dormant. Leaves fall and you can see the bare structure of trees that gave shape to flowers and leaves during the previous months. There are many trees that do not lose their greenery, that provide a contrast to those that shed their leaves. Grasses are beautiful as they dry up and turn many shades of brown and tan and white. Flowers dry up and go stiff before they fall off to make way for new flowers. There is almost a relief in this...a time to rest from the vibrancy and energy we experience earlier.

This more delicate, subtle beauty of the natural world at rest is what I went out to capture in these photographs. I wanted to capture their sometimes unnoticed beauty in a photograph -- the way that poetry uses words to distill a moment in time.

Though I use a digital camera now, I went back to a medium format camera for this series, as I believe it is the best medium to capture what I see and feel about this work.

young magnolia
Young Magnolia view larger
wild flowers
Couple Portrait view larger
Oaks Hang Onto Their Leaves
Hungry Eyes view larger
winter carpet
Winter Carpet view larger
Japanese Maple
Japanese Maple view larger
winter grass
Winter Grass view larger
Cornfield view larger
Shadow Dance view larger
winter grass
Winter Grass view larger
Hibiscus view larger
young magnolia wild flowers oaks hang onto their leaves winter carpet japanese maple winter grass cornfield pyracantha winter grass hibiscus