This series was inspired by photographs of my family great grandparents, grandparents, parents before I knew them, myself at different ages and now my own children. I began painting about 10 years ago and loved painting lushly colored landscapes, but wanted to keep the black and white photographic images of people so I have been experimenting with incorporating them inside the painting. The biggest technical challenge was transferring the image onto material that could be inserted in the painting. The backgrounds are loosely based on what was in the photograph though and the colors come from my own emotional response to the images. I also have played around with temporality sometimes combining images from two different periods of time. And the series gives me the chance to experience the past in the present as I work on each piece and consider the mystery of time.

Appalachian Spring
Appalachian Spring view larger
augusta and william henry
Augusta and William Henry view larger
betsy's magic garden
Betsy's Magic Garden view larger
I Meet Myself At The Beach
I Meet Myself at the Beach view larger
Greg's House
Greg's House view larger
Joe Berry and Bertha
Joe Berry and Bertha view larger
norma on the edge of the woods
Norma on the Edge of the Woods view larger
rudy at sea
Rudy At Sea view larger
wedding day for emily and aonghus
Wedding Day for Emily and Aonghus view larger
will and lonie
Will and Lonie view larger
you are always the same age inside
You Are Always the Same Age Inside view larger
appalachian spring augusta and william henry betsy's magic garden i meet myself at the beach greg's house joe berry and bertha norma on the edge of the woods rudy at sea wedding day for emily and aonghus will and lonie you are always the same age inside