I am the granddaughter of not one but two quilters. In my early years, I quilted traditional designs, and had the habit of keeping pieces of cloth for use in new quilts. As work and motherhood became part of my life I started getting rid of my cloth collection and stopped thinking of quilts. When I went back to art I focused on photography, but never stopped loving fabric art.

During the past few years, I've started collecting fabric again started putting together pieces a bit at a time. Inspired by some kimono silk cloth that my daughter brought back from Japan, I decided to finish a piece, then two, then three. Now I am working on several pieces at one time and hope to have a body of work ready for next year.

This work is about the joy of working with the materials of combining textures and colors and patterns. The final product may be evocative of something real or conceptual or narrative, but the art is the process of putting this all together. It is ,intuitive, like jazz, improvisational.

four by four
Four By Four view larger
improv 1
Improv 1 view larger
thread silk beads on wood
Thread Silk Beads on Wood view larger
four by four improv 1 thread silk beads on wood