I have been experimenting with an old camera and printing on fabric.

Sometime during the past couple of years I picked up my dad's old Imperial 620 which uses 120 film and basically lets you control nothing except what you shoot. I figured out how to get film rolled on spools that fit the camera and I have been taking it with me and taking photographs of people and places...learning how much sun I need, how far back to stand from my subjects and what looks good in the soft focus.

At the same time I have also been figuring out how to print on fabric and how different kinds of fabric affect images printed on them. This is not for people who want a clear, crisp image...usually they are softer, often distorted. I print both images from my digital camera and from my film cameras. I am still considering how to display these pieces and have done everything from attaching them directly to my wall, to compiling them into books, to mounting them on matte board and them framing them.

Max's Plant
Max's Plant view larger
little altars everywhere 1
Little Altars Everywhere 1 view larger
little altars everywhere 2
Little Altars Everywhere 2 view larger
all that glitters
All That Glitters view larger
baltimore harbor
Baltimore Harbor view larger
Woods view larger
Aspens view larger
Bushwick view larger
eagle plume's
Eagle Plume's view larger
Norma view larger
ocean and sky
Ocean and Sky view larger
lake loch trail
Lake Loch Trail view larger
taj tent
Taj Tent view larger
tree colorado
Tree (Colorado) view larger
buddha eyes
Buddha Eyes view larger
ferris wheel with beads
Ferris Wheel with Beads view larger
wilkerson's pass with beads
Wilkerson's Pass with Beads view larger
max's plant little altars everywhere 1 little altars everywhere 2 all that glitters baltimore harbor woods aspens bushwick eagle plumes norma ocean and sky lake loch trail taj tent tree colorado buddha eyes ferris wheel with beads wilkerson's pass with beads