first love
Asia was the first place I traveled overseas and it made a deep impression on me. I love the aesthetics of Asia, the colors, the fluid design. I love the culture that encourages politeness and social grace. I love the influence of Eastern religions on art…and the tolerance of Buddhism. Photographs in this portfolio were taken in Nepal and Thailand.

Beadseller view larger
ferry passenger bangkok versi
  Ferry Passenger Bangkok Versi view larger
nara buddha
Nara Buddha view larger
ringing bell
Ringing Bell view larger
Social Worker with Children
  Social Worker with Children view larger
Teenagers in Panat Nikhom
  Teenagers in Panat Nikhom view larger
the poet manjul
The Poet Manjul view larger
two girls
Two Girls view larger
women at market kathmandu
  Women at Market Kathmandu view larger
woman selling jewelry pokaha
  Woman Selling Jewelry Pokaha view larger
beadseller ferry passenger Bangkok Versi nara buddha ringing bell social worker with children teenagers in Panat Nikhom the poet manjul two girls women at market in kathmandu woman selling jewelry in Pokaha