These are photographs taken closer to home…of friends and family, at weddings, commissioned portraits. The surroundings may be more familiar but the emotional expression in these images is not so different from that found in photographs from other places in the world.

Addison and Cooper
  Addison and Cooper view larger
brand new vintage cd cover
  Brand New Vintage CD Cover view larger
elizabeth and joy
  Elizabeth and Joy view larger
halleys daughter
Halley's Daughter view larger
Jane and Gunnar
Jane and Gunnar view larger
Lily and Jane
  Lily and Jane view larger
Max's Self-Portrait
Max's Self-Portrait view larger
Sarah and Elizabeth on Thanksgiving
Sarah and Elizabeth on Thanksgiving view larger
Wedding Dance
  Wedding Dance view larger
Wellingham Family Portrait
Wellingham Family Portrait view larger
addison and cooper brand new vintage cd cover elizabeth and joy halleys daughter jane and gunnar lily and jane maxs self portrait saran and elizabeth on thanksgiving wedding dance wellingham family portrait