i see you with my heart
To me, Africa is a mystery and a wonder.
Sometimes it is heartbreaking, but more often it lifts me up.
Photographs in this portfolio were taken in Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

* Zulu saying quoted in My traitor’s heart by Rian Malan

boys under tree adjumani
  Boys Under Tree Adjumani view larger
couple portrait
Couple Portrait view larger
hungry eyes
  Hungry Eyes view larger
mutales dream
  Mutales Dream view larger
one arm akimbo
One Arm Akimbo view larger
pearl drop uganda
  Pearl Drop Uganda view larger
school teachers
  School Teachers view larger
shadow dance
  Shadow Dance view larger
shadow dance
Under the Mango Tree view larger
shadow dance
  What These Girls Know view larger
boys under tree adjumani couple portrait hungry eyes mutales dream one arm akimbo pearl drop uganda school teachers shadow dance under the mango tree what these girls know